GRC Certification
Security Assessment
Information Security Regulatory Compliance
External threats from dedicated and highly organized cyber criminals leave organizations worldwide vulnerable to theft of key information assets. Security software/hardware alone cannot protect a company.
  • Unencrypted CD containing bank account information

  • Social security numbers and financial records
    found in dumpster

  • Laptop stolen from car, containing unencrypted
    personal data

  • Spreadsheets with confidential data exposed
    on public storage area

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More regulations are on the way with various US States and government regulators worldwide imposing their regulations alongside the many established regulations already in effect.
  • HIPAA Security, GLB Act, Sarbanes-Oxley Act

  • PCI DSS, NIST 800-53 & California SB-1386

  • FACT Act, Canada PIPEDA, Canada PIPA

  • UK Data Protection Act, EU Directive on Privacy

  • Basel II, FSA

  • Security Assessment  Download Whitepaper
    GRC Certification GRC Certification
    Our Products
    eFortresses' products are designed to assist organizations in a couple of key areas.
    There is a significant shortage of skilled information security, audit and compliance personnel forcing organizations to employ consultants, which directly increases information security and compliance costs. To address this shortage, eFortresses developed a comprehensive 5-day Holistic Information Security Practitioner (HISP) training and certification course to impart to attendees the essential knowledge for information security,

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    CloudeAssurance platform protects customers by measuring cloud service providers' ability to securely deliver cloud services in accordance with industry best practices, standards and regulatory compliance. With the global cloud services revenue projected to reach $148.8 billion by 2014 and $241 billion by 2020, Information Security will either become a nightmare or an enabler for cloud adoption....
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    GRC Certification

    IT Security Training
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    Security Assessment
    Security Assessment
    Security Assessment
    IT Security Training
    HISP GRC Certification
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    IT Security Training
    HISP GRC Certification
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