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What is Management System Maintenance?

Management System Maintenance is required by all international standards and many regulatory bodies to ensure the continual improvement and preservation of an organization's management system.

Why outsource your maintenance program?

Outsourcing over the last couple of years has become a contentious issue for many organizations. Even government officials are feeling the pressure as they try to cut bottom-line costs by outsourcing jobs.

Security managers have been feeling similar pressures. Caught at the mercy of an economy that is calling for hiring freezes, cuts in training budgets and stuck in the crosshairs of management directives to boost the bottom line, many organizations are turning to alternative approaches to manage their operations, maintenance, and risk management needs.

Among these new and alternative approaches is the use of well trained and competent experts that can facilitate the management of your system in a more tactical fashion at a fraction of the cost than a full-time resource. These tactics include the formation of vendor partnerships to outsource processes and build cost-cutting approaches to traditionally high cost maintenance tasks. With the goal of lowering costs and improving efficiencies, managers across the operational spectrum find themselves integrating these new approaches as a vital part of their management system monitoring process.

Outsourcing enables budget flexibility. It lets organizations pay for only the services they need and when they need them. It also reduces the need to hire and train specialized staff, brings in expertise from the outside, and reduces capital expense, yielding better control of operating costs. The outsourcing arrangement can change as your maintenance needs change.

How can eFortresses assist?

eFortresses is a risk management solutions company providing best of breed solutions for information security, privacy and regulatory compliance. At eFortresses we use the expert model. Our advisors are not just consultants but architects in their field. We design solutions and teach leaders and employees how to apply increased knowledge and capability to reduce cost, improve efficiency and subsequently improve the overall performance of the enterprise.

You will be assigned an expert that has competency in your industry. If you are already an eFortresses client, we already have a deep knowledge of your processes and can be part of your team and help facilitate your continual improvement and monitoring processes.

If you are not yet an eFortresses client, call us for a free consultation. We will match one of our experts with your organization to ensure there is a good fit with necessary level of knowledge and competency. Our experts come from many industries and are leaders in their field, thus our processes and approach have been developed for industry, by industry.

Much of the expertise we offer will reduce your cost and better manage the following areas:

Monitor and review the ISMS

Execute monitoring and review procedures and other controls to:

Promptly detect errors in the results of processing;
Promptly identify attempted and successful security breaches and incidents;
Enable management to determine whether the security activities delegated to people or implemented by information technology are performing as expected;
Help detect security events and thereby prevent security incidents by the use of indicators; and
Determine whether the actions taken to resolve a breach of security were effective.

Undertake regular reviews of the effectiveness of the ISMS (including meeting ISMS policy and objectives, and review of security controls) taking into account results of security audits, incidents, effectiveness measurements, suggestions and feedback from all concerned parties.
Measure the effectiveness of controls to verify that security requirements have been met.
Review risk assessments at planned intervals and review the level of residual risk and identified acceptable risk, taking into account changes to:

The Organization
Business objectives and processes;
Identified threats;
Effectiveness of the implemented controls; and
External events, such as changes to the legal or regulatory environment, and changed contractual obligations.

Conduct internal ISMS audits at planned intervals.
Undertake a management review of the ISMS on a regular basis to ensure that the scope remains adequate and improvements in the ISMS process are identified.
Update security plans to take into account the findings of monitoring and reviewing activities.
Record actions and events that could have an impact on the effectiveness or performance of the

IV. Maintain and improve the ISMS

Implement the identified improvements in the ISMS.
Take appropriate corrective and preventive actions. Apply the lessons learnt from the security experiences of other Organizations and those of the Organization itself.
Communicate the actions and improvements to all interested parties with the level of detail appropriate to the circumstances and, as relevant, agree on how to proceed.
Ensure that the improvements achieve the Organization's intended objectives

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GRC Certification
GRC Certification
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