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What is an Integrated Assessment?

An integrated assessment uses a unified approach to evaluating an organizations security and compliance program, thereby covering multiple regulations and standards from a single assessment.

Why do you need an Integrated Assessment?

Due to the increasing number of regulations and need for operational transparency, organizations are adopting risk-based audits that can cover multiple regulations and standards from a single integrated assessment. This is a very new but necessary approach in many sectors to ensure that all the necessary governance requirements can be met without duplicating effort from both auditors and auditees. This saves both resources, time, money and also increases efficiency.

How can eFortresses assist?

If you have more than one regulation or standard, We can assess you against these multiple requirements, thereby enabling you to run your operations more effectively.

eFortresses integrated assessment approach uses the "process audit" approach, not a checklist system. We evaluate all the inputs and outputs of your organization's management system and provide you with valuable information and a detailed roadmap that you can use to fill gaps and ultimately build one management system and/or framework that encompasses all existing and future processes, management systems and standards into one structure.

We take into account six common requirements for management systems standards outlined in the ISO Guide 72:

Implementation and operation
Performance assessment
Management review

eFortresses integrated assessment deliverables can be your testimony to show the world that you're meeting all your responsibilities, as well as giving confidence to potential customers, suppliers, investors and stakeholders.

While this can certainly be used as a marketing tool, the real value is that it can save you money and make a real difference to your business' bottom line.

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GRC Certification

GRC Certification
GRC Certification
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